Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Kitchen Clean

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

A tidy apartment can be an overwhelming chore for us all, and it may be hard to tell where to start. As the expression goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home” and for us, there’s no better spot to start cleaning your apartment than the center of your home. Here’s a few tips for your new kitchen cleaning schedule:

Clean up your Counters

Tidy up any junk, filthy dishes, or utensils you have lying around on your counters.

Tackle the dishes

Ensure you empty your dishwasher, and load up your dirty dishes to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Deep Clean your Appliances

It’s an ideal opportunity to take on that fridge, stove, microwave, and different appliances. Make sure to clean the floor underneath your major appliances.


Set aside the time wipe off whatever stays on your counterspace, and wipe down the counter itself daily.

Clean up the sink

When the all the dishes are clean, put in the work to deep clean your sink and scrub out the drain.

Sweeping and Mopping

This step is self explanatory! Take your broom to tidy up any crumbs and trash (particularly close to the cupboards and oven). At that point mop the floor to really clean up the last of the dust.

Final Touches

Take out the garbage and wipe down your trash bin. After that, put out a few flowers, or light a new candle for a spotless summer feeling.



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