Spring Clean Your Apartment

Spring Clean Your Apartment Blog Post Image

Winter is gone and spring is finally here. Spring cleaning is your chance to revive your apartment or condo and empower you to appreciate all the seasonal changes. A day by day cleaning routine can keep your rooms looking clean, but it is still a good idea to clean them thoroughly once in a while. If you really want to make your apartment spotless, here’s a plan for cleaning up all the built up dust and mess:

  • Move your furniture around to uncover the area of the floor typically hidden underneath. Get the entirety of the furniture off rugs and onto the uncovered floor.
  • Clean and vacuum the bare floors, rugs, and corners.
  • In the event that you have a rug, make sure to vacuum underneath.
  • Pick up and turn over your couch and seat pads and vacuum the seat underneath them while they’re off.
  • Wash your pillows and couch throws; alway check the label on these items, but most couch throws and pillows are machine-safe.

Keep in mind: If you can clean up your clutter on a regular basis, you can wipe your furniture down and vacuum dust daily. So add a storage container or basket to your room some place — under a side table, or in a corner — where you can stash daily clutter. Enjoy your tidy apartment!



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